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The Moon Project Base – COMPLETED

The Moon Project is now an archive of tracks released over the last year which were more or less produced every full moon. There are two ways to listen to the archives.       SHORT – This is a

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Radio Free Blissville

Radio Free Blissville is a short film made in 2009 directed by J.F. Culhane. A version of the short premiered at the Anthology Film Archives NewFilmmakers series in New York City.  It is the starting point of a longer feature

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Transmission 888 is a feature film project in development which is based on the short Radio Free Blissville. The story concerns a wider view of the same community where Lennox’s covert radio broadcasts undermine a tyranny that holds the citizens

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The Simplest FM Transmitter

From Hack A Day. It’s got a nice Terminator look to it. Plenty of solder relative to parts. Also some interesting comments in Hack A Day’s Laser Based Listening Device. (?) -XFP

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2010 NYC Maker Faire

So the first NYC Maker Faire was last weekend in Queens New York. It was exhausting in a really good way. The location was special too, as I identified with my ancestors who made trips to all the World’s Fairs

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