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House of Darkness

This is a short film which was recently dreamt up. Jill finally admits why the power went out. She tends to lose things. She is a complex person and sexiest when antagonized. Anna Ladner as Jill Directed by J.F. Culhane

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Heard firsthand on the street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. (Actual Conversation): Man has a clipboard and confronts an old woman. MAN: Well, If you don’t want to sign the petition, it’s up to you. OLD WOMAN: That’s right. MAN: It’s a…

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What the Goon Said

You are passing through a field of junk with tall dead grass, and you cannot see the vermin underneath it all. A huge barrel shaped goon with a tiny head hoists a large safe on the arch of his back.

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McCarren Park Festival

A festival takes place today in honor of a giant pool. Old men sit on benches uninvolved. There is a memory room with pictures. A parade goes by the window. Ghosts set foot down somewhere. All memories are crafted by

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Grandfather lies in a dreaming state while shadows enter the hospital room and shake him awake. He sees his sons as small children. He will not eat. He speaks in his sleep to ghosts and drops his thin jaw. He

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