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The Simplest FM Transmitter 

From Hack A Day. It’s got a nice Terminator look to it. Plenty of solder relative to parts. Also some interesting comments in Hack A Day’s Laser Based Listening Device. (?) -XFP

Curious News

2010 NYC Maker Faire 

So the first NYC Maker Faire was last weekend in Queens New York. It was exhausting in a really good way. The location was special too, as I identified with my ancestors who made trips to all the World’s Fairs out there in 1939 and…


What Was in the Cage 

My friend tunes in the radio while we are driving with my girlfriend’s Father. We ride in a large black SUV. It is nighttime in the country. There is just electric light from the dashboard. My friend finds a cult station he knows well. It…

Curious News

Razor Blade Radio Receiver 

A little history.  Apparently during WWII an Australian POW in a Japanese Prison named Cornell,  who would have made an amazing hacker, came up with the idea that if you use a Gillette “blue” razor and pencil lead, you can receive radio stations. It works…

Curious News

Russian Radio Signal UVB Gone 

This just in from Wow Cool. It seems that the strange transmission known as the BUZZER emanating from Russia since 1982 has now gone silent. No one KNOWS what this MEANS. – XFP