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The is is a new LEDGE BY LEDGE element featuring a lot of found material from airwaves and live radio tuned into serendipity. There is noise, shortwave, birds, parallel film universes, reception from a God’s Eye antenna, and old friends. This recording is dedicated to…

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Radio Unnamable Documentary about Bob Fass 

I saw this great doc this week at the New York premiere. The official site is here. Bob Fass was the innovator behind Free Form Radio from way back. I hope the film gets some kind of worldwide exposure and distribution as I know there…

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Super Relaxing Birdsong Radio Feed 

It’s 103 degrees in the New York City shade today. For some reason this makes everything cooler. Not sure if this is a mix of field recordings. I can’t hear the loops if it is. I doubt it’s completely fabricated. -XFP

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Transmission 888 is a feature film project in development which is based on the short Radio Free Blissville. The story concerns a wider view of the same community where Lennox’s covert radio broadcasts undermine a tyranny that holds the citizens hostage. The narrative also concerns…

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The Simplest FM Transmitter 

From Hack A Day. It’s got a nice Terminator look to it. Plenty of solder relative to parts. Also some interesting comments in Hack A Day’s Laser Based Listening Device. (?) -XFP