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July 4th in Brooklyn with WHOT

This is always worth watching at least once a year. This is back when Brooklyn was more exciting and lawless. It’s a live broadcast of WHOT blowing up their own microphones with quarter sticks of dynamite. -X.F. Pine

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Les Paul’s Pirate Radio Station in Queens

Les Paul was an innovator on a whole other level. Not only did he build the first solid body electric guitar and invent multi-track recording but he was responsible for creating a building pirate radio station in Queens in the

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Radio Free Blissville

Radio Free Blissville is a short film made in 2009 directed by J.F. Culhane. A version of the short premiered at the Anthology Film Archives NewFilmmakers series in New York City.  It is the starting point of a longer feature

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Radio Free Blissville – Interview

Interview to soon be published in näkyvyys (Finland) näkyvyys: Where did this idea come from? J.F. Culhane: The idea for Radio Free Blissville came out of a longer script where a main character Crosswell is living in two separate worlds

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First Lady of English Pirate Radio Dies

  In February Dorthy Calvert died at 81. She was married to Reg Calvert who started the legendary pirate radio station Radio City on an unused WWII anti aircraft gun deck at the mouth of the Thames river. She manned

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