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Sedyane’s Ghosty Ancient Folk Music 

A while back I came across this hypnotic musician named Sedyane from up in Northumbrian, UK. He’s a traditional storyteller and “ante-folk” singer. His music and improvisations are like time traveling in this odd way. He plays the ancient Crwth or a Welsh Lyre and…

Curious News

Awesome Collection of Punk Rock Posters 

These were all made before the internet destroyed the WORLD. It’s amazing how nostalgic I get sometimes. You could do so much with a photocopier and a couple of pens. DIY always works. It has no choice. Click here for the slideshow.

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Thee Humwawa 

HUMWAWA ”“ The Very Last Recordings DOWNLOAD ZIP OF ALL Right or control click to download any mp3 or zip. –> Use retractable player on lower left to hear playlist. Recorded on Montrose Ave in Williamsburg Brooklyn between 1992-1995 Humwawa defines the wrath and smite…

Curious News

Old Global Groove 

This is an awesome archive of old out of print Global Groove. The categories are on the lower left. Some great old Rock Steady produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd. There is so much on here. I’m still going through it. -XFP