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Cough Park Compact Discs – New Release

So it seems that someone named Billie White who I have never met, has given me the clearance to release a COUGH PARK COMPACT DISCS recording on Youtube. This mix is called Good Water Bad Water. I was originally  told

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Demos of Curious and Obscure Musical Instruments

I set up a playlst on Youtube to collect these. I’m fascinated by the ancient ones like the Summerian Lyre and the various zithers. Send me others to add to this list. The best demos feature both playing and some

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radio of sounds archive on glasscapsule

This randomly plays through the archive endlessly. Will not work on a phone yet as it’s still in flash. But who cares. Click RND to scramble. Still testing.

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Welk Cruise

This was an exploration into a blue screen Lawrence Welk sea cruise coupled with odd frequency limiters. The cruise is internal and subjective. The participants and singers are not actually on a physical cruise but a mental one. Don't miss the tap dancing segment. See
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Red Carbon Stars

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