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radio of sounds archive on glasscapsule

This randomly plays through the archive endlessly. Will not work on a phone yet as it’s still in flash. But who cares. Click RND to scramble. Still testing.

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The is is a new LEDGE BY LEDGE element featuring a lot of found material from airwaves and live radio tuned into serendipity. There is noise, shortwave, birds, parallel film universes, reception from a God’s Eye antenna, and old friends.

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The Moon Project Base – COMPLETED

The Moon Project is now an archive of tracks released over the last year which were more or less produced every full moon. There are two ways to listen to the archives.       SHORT – This is a

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Thee Seven Thunders

The Seven Thunders – Nite Train Also recorded and mixed in Greenpoint in 1996 The Seven Thunders was named after the Brooklyn Indian tribe of the same name. Who could forget such mystifying samples and tracks as Thick Milky Arms

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Lizzy Says 251 Phrases

Lizzy Says 251 Phrases 01 – Lizzy Says 251 Phrases.mp3 (29:06) Unexplainable recording, which may be a code or manic mantra exemplifying your own ignorance and dire consequences signaling the point when absorption of knowledge fails. Connections depend upon sanity.

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