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Planetary Brother Shortest Light

PLANETARY BROTHER SHORTEST LIGHT from glasscapsule on Vimeo. Remix by Glasscapsule. (glasscapsule.com) for The Past Re-imagined as the Future Contest videoremix.freemusicarchive.org/ This symbolic presentation dissects the eternal universal eye and demonstrates how both rain and lightning are created by god’s

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We HEART You Big Brother – Part 1

I felt an extreme itch to write this rant for a while as I feel our entire culture is reaching a fascinating tipping point. It will be in two parts. Modern society needs to meditate on the problem technology poses

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We HEART You Big Brother – Part 2

THIS IS PART 2. PART 1 IS HERE. Extreme transparency cuts both ways. It provides access while undermining leadership. There have always been leaks from within institutions and governments. There have always been secrets to strategize and win conflicts. That’s

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