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Curious News

Awesome Collection of Punk Rock Posters 

These were all made before the internet destroyed the WORLD. It’s amazing how nostalgic I get sometimes. You could do so much with a photocopier and a couple of pens. DIY always works. It has no choice. Click here for the archive.

Curious News

The Mummies 

I recently became aware of the work of The Mummies. They were a garage surf band from California in the 80s. They apparently invented the term “budget rock” and refused releasing music on CD until after 2000. They also would only perform and record on…

Curious News

Delia Derbyshire 

I believe I am smitten with Delia Derbyshire. She was part of the innovative BBC Radiophonic Workshop back in the early 60s and co-created many soundtracks including the Dr. Who theme. This mainstream theme brought electronic music into people’s living rooms for the first time…

Curious News

Maker Faire in Queens NY 2011 

This is happening this weekend at the NY Hall of Science. It was pretty tremendous last year. Something for everyone. I’ll be catching up with the Ham radio guys and looking through their vast collection of QSL cards for sure. Need to remember to take…