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Brian Eno Lecture about Everything that Matters

Happy birthday Brian Eno. I’ve always been a huge fan of his approach and creative process as a producer. He is somehow outside of the bullshite industry while creating remarkable artistic influences. Or really innovating and testing our culture. In

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Paper Tiger TV

So you have a community based Public Access show and you do it for 30 years in the middle of one of the most complex places on Earth. You then end up with Paper Tiger TV (PTTV). Media for people

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Awesome Collection of Punk Rock Posters

These were all made before the internet destroyed the WORLD. It’s amazing how nostalgic I get sometimes. You could do so much with a photocopier and a couple of pens. DIY always works. It has no choice. Click here for

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Metropolis II – Insane Chris Burden Kinetic Sculpture

I’ve always been a fan of Chris Burden. Good to see he is still driving people insane in different ways. I would imagine that the people who need to transport and move this monster installation will go insane. But that’s

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Ten Years Down

It feels like ten years have passed but nothing has really happened. The only progress has been via bubbles whose excitement was redacted by panic. Maybe the disruption has begun. Maybe we are fooling ourselves with our castles in the

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