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The Sloane House YMCA – Infernal Machine

The 1600 rooms of the Sloane House YMCA were located at 256 West 34th street just below Hell’s Kitchen near 9th ave in New York.

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Welk Cruise

This was an exploration into a blue screen Lawrence Welk sea cruise coupled with odd frequency limiters. The cruise is internal and subjective. The participants and singers are not actually on a physical cruise but a mental one. Don't miss the tap dancing segment. See
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Brian Eno Lecture about Everything that Matters

Happy birthday Brian Eno. I’ve always been a huge fan of his approach and creative process as a producer. He is somehow outside of the bullshite industry while creating remarkable artistic influences. Or really innovating and testing our culture. In

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Metropolis II – Insane Chris Burden Kinetic Sculpture

I’ve always been a fan of Chris Burden. Good to see he is still driving people insane in different ways. I would imagine that the people who need to transport and move this monster installation will go insane. But that’s

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