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Welk Cruise 

This was an exploration into a blue screen Lawrence Welk sea cruise coupled with odd frequency limiters. The cruise is internal and subjective. The participants and singers are not actually on a physical cruise but a mental one. Don't miss the tap dancing segment. See if you can pick out...
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Brian Eno Lecture about Everything that Matters 

Happy birthday Brian Eno. I’ve always been a huge fan of his approach and creative process as a producer. He is somehow outside of the bullshite industry while creating remarkable artistic influences. Or really innovating and testing our culture. In this lecture from Moscow, he…

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Avant-Garde Project 

AGP is this incredible archive of extremely rare vinyl that never made it to CD. It includes very informative introductions and scans of the liner notes. Some of my favorites are the Hungarian Steam Locomotives and the very very early electronic music like Morton Subotnick…