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Atari Time Machine

This is a short video I meant to produce for the longest time. It records attempting to retrieve a time ...
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The Sloane House YMCA – Infernal Machine

I posted this archive as a sort of anniversary. I won’t say how many years as it’s embarrassing or difficult ...
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Hidden Alignments Documentary – NYC Masonic Obelisks

This is a short documentary about the curious alignments of a few Masonic Obelisks in New York City. A transcript ...
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Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Paulinus

This rough assembly of the Feast and the "La Festa dei Gigli" (the Feast of the Lilies) is from the ...
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Final Performance of the Pratt Steam Whistles

The final performance after 50 years of the Pratt Steam Whistles in Brooklyn on New Year's Eve 2015. The massive ...
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Plant Consciousness Test Number 1 with IBVA

Plant Experiment 1 - IBVA from glasscapsule on Vimeo. This is a short phone clip of a laptop running the ...
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Wardenclyffe: Telsa’s Lost Dream

With all recent oil panic and near nuclear meltdowns I decided to venture out to the mythical site of Wardenclyffe ...
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The Strange World of Maxwell Maltz

This is a documentary about the famous plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz. He wrote plays which included himself as one of ...
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Circuit Bending Workshop – Bent Fest 2010

Look out for the friendly flowers turned diabolical at the end with a little bending and overdrive. XFP ...
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Dr. Sax Documentary Excerpt

Lowell Massachusetts is the territory of the mysterious Dr. Sax. Jack Kerouac wrote six books about Lowell, and he is ...
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The End of Astroland – Coney Island

I recently found myself on Coney Island, where the Albert family sold off Astroland to Thor industries who plan to ...
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