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Fond Memories of a Virus 

Just dug this up. I started getting the sircam virus in my email way back in 2001. For people who do not know the mechanisms of the virus look here. It would copy information from the “my documents” folder on any Windows 98 os machine,…


Saved by Driveway – St. Martin 

Upon my arrival last year in December for a vacation from the northeast, I rented a cheap Diahatsu car for a hundred dollars for a week and started to drive across the island. There is one main road which encircles both the French and Dutch…


Early Man Site – Calico California 

On Interstate 15 from Barstow to Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert is an Archeological work in progress. After driving a few miles up a dirt road and going through the exit of the Camp I found myself at the foot of a trail. This…