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Before the Flood 

The train begins its journey on the edge of a perfect disk. It travels to its certain destination and the railroad line spirals through the scenery of the disk. When the journey reaches its end, we will come to the axis of the disk itself….


Red Memo 

There are gray haired women who in the doorways who gossip. Lamps spill amber onto the street. A truck pushes on into the morning. Generations die uncommitted on the train. The batting lashes and frigid secretaries. There are mug faces and bulbous lips. Hair twisted…


Bras, Bicycles, The Ninth Circle and Life on the Run 

5-21 I am lying beside PW in a hotel room bed where I  read a book and watch television simultaneously. I look to tell PW she is beautiful. A group of elegantly dressed ladies appear on television dancing. Their dresses are classical and shimmery. An…



Grandfather lies in a dreaming state while shadows enter the hospital room and shake him awake. He sees his sons as small children. He will not eat. He speaks in his sleep to ghosts and drops his thin jaw. He is tethered down for his…


Elevator Man 

Within the freight elevator, the old Mr. Pointe spends a day’s eternity. Through the wire mesh at the bottom of the shaft a maintenance man hovers over a dark wheel. Spinning ratchets and dull greased pulleys. In Mr. Pointe’s cab are the necessary items of…