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Curious News


Circa 1984 The Dead Kennedys headlined a mega-show at the Beacon Theater, with opening acts No Thanks, The New York Transplants, False Prophets, and Millions Of Dead Cops. The first ten rows of orchestra seats were removed for the occasion, leaving a vast expanse of…

Curious News

First Lady of English Pirate Radio Dies 

  In February Dorthy Calvert died at 81. She was married to Reg Calvert who started the legendary pirate radio station Radio City on an unused WWII anti aircraft gun deck at the mouth of the Thames river. She manned the station for nine months…

Curious News

Beware False Prophets 

One blazingly hot Sunday afternoon in 1980-something I went to the Tompkins Square Park bandshell for “Rock Against Redevelopment,” a 12-hour anti-gentrification rally-cum-concert to save the neighborhood. ¬†“Give us our land, peace, and bread,” pleaded the posters, “Instead of leaving us stranded, fleeced and bled.”…

Curious News

The Osmotic Telegraph – Lenox Rant 

Hardcore was certainly named right; although it flew way below the radar it had some of the most rabid and devoted adherents of any subculture I was ever part of. ¬†Members somehow managed to find and stay in touch with each other across the country,…