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Curious News

Beware False Prophets 

One blazingly hot Sunday afternoon in 1980-something I went to the Tompkins Square Park bandshell for “Rock Against Redevelopment,” a 12-hour anti-gentrification rally-cum-concert to save the neighborhood.  “Give us our land, peace, and bread,” pleaded the posters, “Instead of leaving us stranded, fleeced and bled.”…

Curious News

The Osmotic Telegraph – Lenox Rant 

Hardcore was certainly named right; although it flew way below the radar it had some of the most rabid and devoted adherents of any subculture I was ever part of.  Members somehow managed to find and stay in touch with each other across the country,…

Curious News

NJ Punk Rock – Alamogordo 

Introduction: Download a zip below…. Sifting through punk rock in the mid to late 1980’s is like listening to a desperate last scream against growing old itself. With that, it is also the final shout before the nonconformist was invariably sold out by Moloch-marketing. It’s…