Happy birthday Brian Eno.
I’ve always been a huge fan of his approach and creative process as a producer. He is somehow outside of the bullshite industry while creating remarkable artistic influences. Or really innovating and testing our culture.

In this lecture from Moscow, he talks about the differences between classical music’s hierarchical structure versus the collective result of studio music. He correlates music production to be more like painting and that technology frees the modern listener from time and space synthetically. He coins the term “scenius”, to explain the collective mind of an art movement.

He also speaks to the concept that modern society goes through great lengths to find ways of simply letting go, and that primitive peoples are brilliant at surrendering. Surrendering in any traditional culture could be through religion, sex, or drugs.

The lecture was done at the release of his installation 77 Million Paintings which reminds me of Harry Smith’s multi layered simultaneous projections which are constructed to never repeat or be the same. More on Harry later.