I try not to be a fatalist. Fatalism is just so unpopular these days. I am tired of negativity just like everyone else. I try to support my negativity with facts and data.

In the middle of the fourth heat wave this July I needed to seek answers as I turned my AC up a notch.  I came across this fascinating data on weatherperspectives.com gleaned from NOAA and broken down by states in the U.S. over a hundred years or so.

It seems it’s not my imagination or my aging memory over the last  twenty years in the New York region.  There has been something strange going on.

new york temperature

What’s  fascinating  about this perspective is the spike which appears in the mid-1950s? Could this have been a latent result of WWII and huge industrial production or even firebombing in Europe?  Or could it have been due to the peak in  atomic testing that took place in the atmosphere. Or a combination or everything.  The ramp up starts in what looks like early 1942 so there must be a connection there.

In addition, there are other states listed and it’s interesting to see patterns in comparison. For instance it looks like Arizona is getting much hotter than other places.

Arizona Temp

But then places like Missippippi are getting cooler over decades.

Mississippi Temps

The overall data of all the states looks like this.  I think the only long term solution as far as comfort goes is to move to Maine or Cape Breton to become a Mi’kmaq Indian. One must change and adapt to survive or die in the process.

X.F. Pine

future comfort